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This the complete text of the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables written by Lucy Maud Montgomery.
It's split between English & Japanese, broken down by paragraph, for language learners.

If you've found this resource to be useful or have any suggestions, please let me know, even if it amounts to a single sentence.
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Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised1レイチェル・リンド夫人、仰天
Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised2マシュー・カスバート、仰天
Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised3マリラ・カスバート、仰天
Morning at Green Gables4グリーン・ゲイブルズで迎える朝
Anne's History5アンの過去の物語
Marilla Makes Up Her Mind6マリラ、遂に決断
Anne Says Her Prayers7これがアンのお祈り
Anne's Bringing-up Is Begun8アンの躾け、開始
Mrs. Rachel Lynde Is Properly Horrified9レイチェル・リンド夫人、驚愕
Anne's Apology10アンの申し訳
Anne's Impressions of Sunday-School11日曜学校の第一印象
A Solemn Vow and Promise12厳粛な誓約と約束
The Delights of Anticipation13期待で胸がはちきれそう
Anne's Confession14アン、罪を告白する
A Tempest in the School Teapot15疾風怒濤の小学校生活
Diana Is Invited to Tea with Tragic Results16ダイアナとのお茶会は大悲劇
A New Interest in Life17人生に希望が戻る
Anne to the Rescue18アン、救助に向かう
A Concert a Catastrophe and a Confession19コンサート、大失態、そして懺悔
A Good Imagination Gone Wrong20素晴らしい想像力が裏目に
A New Departure in Flavorings21味な門出
Anne is Invited Out to Tea22アン、お茶に招待される
Anne Comes to Grief in an Affair of Honor23アン、名誉事件で災難に
Miss Stacy and Her Pupils Get Up a Concert24ステイシー先生と生徒達、コンサートを企画
Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves25マシュー、パフ・スリーブを主張
The Story Club Is Formed26物語倶楽部、結成
Vanity and Vexation of Spirit27自惚れて、落ちこんで
An Unfortunate Lily Maid28ある不運な百合姫
An Epoch in Anne's Life29人生の一大イベント
The Queens Class Is Organized30クイーン組、設立される
Where the Brook and River Meet31小さな川が大きな川と出会うところ
The Pass List Is Out32合格者リストが公表される
The Hotel Concert33ホワイト・サンズ・ホテルでのコンサート
A Queen's Girl34クイーン校の女学生に
The Winter at Queen's35クイーン校の冬景色
The Glory and the Dream36栄誉と夢
The Reaper Whose Name Is Death37草刈る農夫、その名は死
The Bend in the Road38道の途中の曲がり角

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Anne of Green Gables © Lucy Maud Montgomery 1908 — Now public domain in most parts of the world.
Digital copies can be obtained from here at Project Gutenberg.
The English copy used is taken from Robert Stockton's HTML version, with some formatting adjustments.

Japanese Translation © osawa 1999-2004 — As long as this copyright notice is retained, this translation may be used or copied freely in any form, including commercial use, without any permission or payment for the translator and the author.
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Anne of Green Gables

Being very faithful to the book, it's worth seeing the Japanese 1979 anime adapation.
The English dub can be watched here on YouTube.

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